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When Squirrels attack

And so after a week, the day comes. You pack a bag lunch and are just about to leave, when you decide to go get a book from your room. You just grab a book off the shelf, figuring it doesn't matter. You doubt you'll have any time to read it anyway.

The drive to Solacore Ind. isn't very long. The building is just outside of town, so it's not like you could get lost. You decide to park in the employee parking lot. After all, as far as you're concerned, you're going to be an employee.

The building has a pretty interesting setup, you think. At one end of the parking lot, there's a stone wall with a gate. You take your things and head for the gate. At the gate, there is an intercom system where you provide your name. The gate swings open, closing itself once you are inside.

Once through the gate, you decide "inside" isn't the correct word ... you're still outside, but you're in some sort of enclosed park, lined with trees, bushes and a few benches. A gravel path leads to the actual door of the building. You can hear and see some birds and squirrels; your average urban tree dwellers.

As you walk to the door, a squirrel jumps in front of you! You are in mid-step; so as not to crush him, you move your foot. The squirrel is persistent, however. He jumps out in front of your shoe before it can touch the ground. With no place to put your foot, you lose your balance and fall.

Written by salvarmy3 (edited by salvarmy3)

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