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Maroo's 'Roos

Picking yourself up, you walk off, not noticing the squirrel staring at you. "There you are" says the doctor, "My name is Dr. Maroo, are you ready to begin?"

The doctor leads you to a room with two beds. Strapped to one is a sleeping kangaroo. "I am going to exchange your DNA with Matilda here. She will gain intellegence and the power of speech while you will gain the physical abilities of a kangaroo. Don't worry, it'll only be tempoary. There is an antidote." She then tells you to strip off, giving you a strange pair of boxer shorts. They have the Australian flag on them and also have a built-in pouch and a slit at the back (you know what the slit is for). When you are undressed, you lie on the empty bed. Dr. Maroo gives you an injection and you pass out....

You wake up and look down at your body. The first thing you notice is your BIG FEET! They are twice as long with claw like nails. You also have bulky thighs, large pointed sensitive ears, a sensitive nose, and a TAIL! "It worked!" cried the Doc. "Now before I turn you back I need to run some tests and observations."

"Would you like to join me for a hop around the garden?" asks Matilda, speaking for the first time.

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