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Enter Doris

Forgetting the squirrel, you quickly head down the path toward the main building ... where you are met by a large group of birds and squirrels, blocking your way. There must be a curse on that building, you think, puzzled by the strange behavior. You eventually work your way around the mob and to the door, but not before working up a sweat avoiding all the urban wildlife.

The building looks quite modern on the inside. There is a waiting room with a TV; next to it is a receptionist's desk. You walk up to her. "Sign in," she drones, giving it all the excited emotion of a patient awaiting a root canal. Looking around for the expected sheet of paper, you take a pen from your shirt pocket.

"You must be new," she smirks in a half-sad voice. She walks around the counter and opens a drawer hidden in the woodwork of the desk front, revealing a six-inch by six-inch screen. "Put your right thumb here." You do as she says; when you pull away from the warm glass, you can see a picture of your thumbprint - at least you're pretty sure it's your thumbprint - on the screen. Amazing, you think to yourself, and turn to the receptionist. Any questions you may have had are silenced, however, by the expression on her face. From a look of utter boredom, she now looks as though she's just won the lottery. "Right this way," she directs you with a smile, abandoning her desk. "The Doctor has been expecting you." You look back at her as you go through the door she indicates. To your surprise, her momentry animation is gone, and she trudges back to her seat.

"Whatís wrong?", you ask. She turns back to you with a half smile, but before she can answer...

"Good morning!", the Doctor exclaims as he bursts through the door to greet you. "Iíve been waiting for you. Oh, donít mind Doris", he says to your inquiring glance, "sheís just the receptionist. She needed a job, and... well... thatís all we could find." You look back again and sheís gone. "From all this information your mother filled out," the Doctor begins, picking up an inch-thick stack of paper from the surface of an imposing wooden desk, "you sound like an interesting young man. Shall we begin?"

Written by salvarmy3 (edited by wanderer)

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