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You hurry inside, quickly putting the squirrel out of your mind. You've only just started looking at the building directory when a hand taps you on the shoulder. You turn, and look too far up for your comfort, into the face of an intense-looking security guard. Contrary to your mental image of security guards as fat, this guy looks like he could bend you into a pretzel ... and then get mean!

"You'll need to leave the book and lunch outside", he informs you in a gravelly bass voice, "in case they contain cameras. Dr. Maroo is very protective of her secrets."

You hand your lunch and book to the guard, and continue your walk to the office of Dr. Maroo, feeling a strange elation as you hurry away from his towering presence.

You find the office, and are about to open the door, when...

Written by Kaebora Geabora (edited by wanderer)

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