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Hunter Or Hunted?

A figure emerges from the undergrowth. It appears to be a young woman in a long hooded cloak, carrying a shadowy object. Instinctively, you smile. This may be a late supper. You stand up.

You blink, and find an arrow vibrating in the tree by your ear. She's already recocked the object, which looks like the offspring of a crossbow and a machine gun. "Alright, buster," she snaps, "get your paws on the ground. Now!" When you don't move, she advances angrily. "I said.."

A plume of flame rolls over your heads, illuminating Roger nonchalantly leaning against a tree. To her credit and your suprise, the woman doesn't even flinch. "Perhaps we could come to an amicable compromise?" she suggests brightly.

Written by Lupine

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