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A Truce.

Pulling back her hood, the woman reveals herself to be Jennifer!

"What are you doing here?" you ask.

"I found the magic door here and decided to explore." answers Jennifer.

"Cat-man tells me you can get me back to 1251!" says Roger.

"I'm sorry, Roger." you say, ashamed "I lied. We're both newspaper reporters."

"But you've not far off." says Jennifer "I found out this is England, 1194"

"Well I'm nearly back in my own time" says Roger, sadly "But you two can't get back. When I squeezed through the magic door I caused it to close. Sorry."

"Well it seems we are in the same fix" says Jennifer. "We should call a truce." she holds out her hand and you shake hands (or in your case, paws)

Written by A R Jackson (edited by wanderer)

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