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Seeing Red.

"Are you Puss in Boots?" asks the girl.

"Do you see me wearing any boots?" you reply, holding your bare footpaw up and wriggling your toes.

"Please, you have to help me." says the girl, starting to sob "I'm sorry I shot at you, it's dark and I mistook you for the wolf"

"Wolf?" you ask

"Yes,my name is Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf has taken my poor grandmother hostage. Luckily she's too scrawny for him to eat, but he threatens to kill her if I don't bring him a large basket of goodies each day."

"But you have your weapon" you point out.

"One arrow won't kill him, and he'd finish granny before I could even reload. I carry this in case I meet other nasty creatures on the way"

"Well you have nothing to fear from us. Roger here is just a big softie, and we'll sort out this wolf for you, Red."

Written by AndrewAnorak

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