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Big Bad Wolf

So it's over the river (Roger's weight makes the bridge collapse under you, but he wades across carrying you and RRH) and through the woods (spending most of the time unsticking Roger when he gets his fat belly wedged between the trees) to Grandmother's house you go.

When you finally get there, you hear loud snoring coming from within. "That's the wolf" says RRH "He always did have a powerful pair of lungs".

You sneak up to the window and peer in. Lying on the bed is the largest, fattest wolf you've ever seen, clad in baggy pants held up by a suspender. Huddled in the corner is a frail old woman in a nightgown, bound and gagged and very, very, scared. Grandma. "I'll save her!" you promise RRH, but then you discover the door is locked.

Written by AndrewAnorak

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