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Narnia It Ain't

You splutter as yet another branch leaps back to smack you in the face. Roger picks you up and apologises for the umpteenth time. You sigh and tell him "It's alright, just.. just try and be a little more careful next time."

When you passed through the door, it was like stepping into a fairytale. You were under the eaves of an immense forest, which spread for as far as the eye could see. Unlike most stories however, Roger's plump tail had caught the edge of the door and knocked it shut. Whoever had designed it had thoughtlessly forgotten to put a second side to it.

Bare fact: you're stuck.

The fairytale Narnia had quickly become the Mirkwood, with dense undergrowth and unpleasant noises. In short, it seems like a proper forest. You hate forests. And as a werecat, you are particularly unsuited to them. After 3 hours of trekking, you are tired, aching, sore and, above all, lost.

The little light there is is failing, so you and Roger decide to find somewhere to sleep. You eventually happen upon a tiny clearing covered in pituresque, but more importantly hard, rocks. Without any camping gear, your alternatives are on the ground or under a tree. You are nervous about sleeping near wood with a fire breathing dragon, but Roger looks so distressed at the idea of being seperated from you that you relent, and are soon both bedded down under a large tree. What kind, you neither know or care.

Roger insists that you use him for a pillow. You are not that unhappy about the idea: his big soft belly is much more comfortable than the ground, and is warmer than any blanket. You drift into a doze, cuddling the rolls of blubber around you.

Suddenly, your sharpened hearing picks up a crashing noise not far away. You leap up, startling poor Roger terribly. You turn and stare in the direction of the noise, which is getting closer.

Written by Lupine

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