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I'll have the grumpy one, please!

You decide to avoid the question. "Well, if Jennifer has anything to do with it, our best bet's the unhappy one."

Roger looks impressed at your perspicacity. "You can tell what's going to happen? You're a wizard?" His eyes shine with awe, and his belly wobbles as his shifts his feet. "Uh, yeah. Sorta." you reply vaguely. Roger's expression remains fixed.

"Right, lets go!" he declares. You step forward, but the rotund dragon stops you. "No, a wizard should be protected." You protest, but he strides to the door. Then he pauses. "Uh.." he says hesitantly, "there won't be any, y'know, sparks or flames in here, will there?" You're dumbstruck. "You're a dragon, and you're scared of FIRE?"

"Not my own, or other dragons'," Roger says in a tiny voice, "just normal fire. You're disappointed, aren't you?"

You sigh. Good grief, what next? "Let's go!" You push past, and open the door to find...

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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