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Roger plays squash!

Jennifer is in the room, examining the walls.

"Hello, Jennifer." you purr.

Hearing you, she screams and backs into a corner, clearly scared of werecats.

Roger meanwhile, has gotten stuck fast in the doorway. He struggles and pulls with all his might.....until finally he comes loose - as does a large section of masonary around the door.

The fat dragon tumbles forward until he lands on Jennifer "OOOFF!!! Get off me, you big lump!!" she wails.

"Don't Roger!" you say, getting sly ideas. "Once you do, she'll escape and you'll never see her - or your home again!"

"How do I get back to my time and place?" demands Roger, looking down at the squashed reporter under him.

"What are you talking about?" gasps Jennifer.

"How do I get back to 1241?"

"How should I know, godzilla?"

"The name is ROGER, Jennifer, and Sir Cat-man told me you knew how to get me home!"

You get another idea. You walk round to where Jennifer's feet stick out from under Roger and remove her shoes. Then you find a large feather and give it to Roger.

"Jennifer has really ticklish feet." you tell the dragon "She'll soon crack..."

Saying goodbye, you leave Roger and Jennifer to get aquainted and walk out what's left of the doorway. You can still hear Jennifer's laughter and pleas of innocence as you walk down the corridor. Looks as though you didn't need to become a werecat after all...

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