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Ms. Riding Hood, I Presume?

You quickly arrange a fire. Roger is definately an asset in this area, you decide. The woman is very striking, with ash-blonde hair to her waist, and deep green eyes. These are set off by her scarlet cloak. There's also a certain tone about her that implies lots of healthy exersize. You introduce yourselves, and she offers her hand. "Red Riding Hood. Pleased to meet you."

Your jaw drops. "I'm... I'm sorry?"

"Red. Riding. Hood. It isn't hard." You gape some more. "But..but you're a fairytale!" She grins. "Yep. Those fairies know not to get in MY way."

This is ridiculous! This must just be some girl who's taken the name. But can you be sure? Where in hell are you, then? "You're really Little Red Riding Hood?" She nods. "I used to be little. I'm a big girl now." You can't deny THAT. "Um, sorry. I thought you'd be... younger." Her eyebrow rises.

"You aren't from around here, are you?" You briefly outline your plight, Roger chipping in occasionally. She purses her lips. "Hmm. Your best bet would be to go see the Wicked Queen. Her magic mirror might be useful." Red Riding Hood turns and points in a seemingly random direction. "If you go that way, you'll find a path. Go left at the three bears' house, around the dwarf mine and you can't miss the castle."

You choke. "Three BEARS?"

"Yeah." she replies. "Big n' furry. Huge teeth. Plagued by that little nymphomaniac Goldilocks. Good friends with the three pigs." You daren't ask about the pigs. Instead, something else bubbles to the surface. "Er, you don't find talking animals a little... crazy?"

"Hey, I'm talking to a werecat and a dragon. You tell me." Hurriedly you change the subject. "Look, there's something you definately aught to know before you leave. It might sound silly, but you should REALLY watch out for any big, bad wolves." She blinks. "Why should I be scared of HIM? Even my daft old granny isn't, any more."

With that, she turns and strides into the forest. Well, you are apparently stuck in some warped world where fairy stories are real, but at least you know where you are. And you know a possible route out. You settle back down, determined to set out for the castle in the morning.

Written by Lupine

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