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Please, O, Please!

"Please, m'am," you say, falling to your minute knees, "Release me. I'm sorry! I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" asks the witch, "Are you sure?"

"Of course! Look at me. I could drown in a shot glass!"

"I see, so you want to return to normal size?"


"And in return, you'll do whatever I say?" The slow grin spreading on her face does not do much to help your confidence.

"Uhm. Yes?"

"What if you're lying to me? How can I trust you?"

"I give you my word?" You venture, hoping the witch has some sense of honor (or is gulible enough to fall for a lie).

"Very well. Your word." She closes her eyes, chanting slowly in a language you don't quite understand. A warm feeling passes through you and you feel yourself growing again, but you're still in that cage! Bigger and bigger, the bars seem like they'll crush you when you out grow them, but as your size increases, the metal cage seem to warp about you, bending to allow for your passage. Before you know it, you're normal again. Well, almost. The cage that once trapped you has warped into some sort of metal collar that's resting tightly around your neck. Reaching up to feel it, you can detect no seam or joint. Looks like it's stuck on you for good.

"Uhh.." You manage, not sure what else to say.

"There. That collar will insure that you keep your promise. Your task is simple. I am prevented from plumbing the depths of the castle's dungeon due to some... unpleasantness... So, instead, you will go down and find the Gem of C'lioth for me." She smiles wickedly. "And don't try anything funny. Those archeologists didn't fare to well when they tried to keep it for themselves."

"So you know where they are?" you ask. Maybe if you can find them, they can help you?

"Of course. They're the ones with the Gem, hiding where I can not reach them. My age has made me trusting, so I did not gift them with a collar like yours when I made this bargain with them previously."

You feel the collar again, wondering what sinister implications it has.

"Go ahead. You're free to disobey me, but... Everytime you do, you'll..." She smirks. "Well, you'll see. Now, time is important. Go." She waves a hand at you, and you feel a magical force start to nudge you towards the door. "The dungeons are nearby. Be quick about it."

And you are shown from the room. Where to now?

Written by Lys

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