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… a hamster cage. The ground is a hard plastic, devoid of the wood shavings you’d expect for such a place. White bars go up as high as you can see, then turn into a roof. As you watch, the witch closes the cage door with a resounding click.

“That should keep you until I figure out exactly what to do with you,” she says in a nearly deafening voice. You see her bulk walking away, leaving you by yourself for the moment. You know she's somewhere in the room, though, because you can hear the giant footsteps as she moves about.

Turning your attention to your new ‘prison,’ you see a small, plastic house with a ladder. To your new perspective, it is like a three-bedroom home. Beside it is a large hamster wheel. There are dishes for water and gerbil food. Things aren’t looking too good for you.

Reporter’s instinct taking over, you take a few photos. After all, if you get out of this, the tabloids will pay you a mint. By the time you’ve finished up the roll, you hear the witch returning. You turn around to face her and…

Written by Jason (edited by wanderer)

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