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not quite home...

Yuo run out of the building as fast as you can. You stop, panting, next to a puddle when you realize you were not wareing a bakini earlier.

"Oh no!!" you scream and run towards the donkey. Maybe if you leave fast enough you will be out of reach of the witches magic powers.

You get a mile away and stop, thinking she can't do anything now that you're so far away.sudenly, you feel tingling all over your body. you feel your crotch change, look down, and you are a girl!!!

you get the donky going even faster so you can get out of the witches grasp. but you still feel the effects going on. Breast pop out of your chest and keep getting bigger!!

Eventually, the breast get so big, they crush the donkey and breakthe bakini. You try to make it by foot, but the huge boobs are so big (about as wide as you are tall! and they are perfectly round) that they ancor you to the ground!!!

suddenly the witch appears."told you not to leave" she says. if you will promice to come back, i could help you a bit."

Well of coarse, you agree. BUT THEY DON'T GET ANY SMALLER!!! instead, they get lighter, almost wieghtless. you walk back to the castle, the huge boobs bouncing all over the place. as you aproach the castke, you realise they won't fit!

"Well, i guess i will make you able to fit"

you think she will make your boobs smaller, but she just oils them up a bit, and then you can fit through. The witch sais she will only turn you back to normal once you go in the dungoen and retreave her gem. as you walk down the dungon(whitch is hard since you can't see anything but you gigantic, oild, nakid, bouncing boobs) you here a ...

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