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Witch, Smitch!

The crisis past, you smile to yourself as you escape the witch's grasp. Who knew that magic made people so gullible? Tapping the collar, you shrug.

"Solid silver," you say to yourself, "A good jeweler can get rid of this thing quick, and I can sell it off before the witch even knows it. No come-uppance for me."

Not out of the woods just yet, you decide it'd be a good idea to get the collar off as soon as possible. Hurrying to your rented car, you plan on getting back into town to find some local with a hacksaw. You cast a glance towards the stairs leading down to the dungeon as you pass them. "Not today," you mutter, "I'll be back with a film crew, though. Talk about an exclusive!"

Of course, you fail to note the soft tingle that passes through you as anything more than a draft.

When you get to your car, though, you notice something... different.. about you in your reflection on the car's windows.

You seem to have...

Written by Lys (edited by wanderer)

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