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...long ears?

What the... Your ears on the sides of your head are gone. Now you have long bunny ears!

You feel another tingle, and you feel something on your behind. You move your hand, and feel a little cotton ball. A ball of fur. You open your mouth in suprise, and see that your front teeth are growing! The witch wasn't being a trickster! You quickly get out of the car and run back to the castle. Halfway there, you feel yourself shrinking. Grey hair begins to sprout all over your body. Your back legs become long and powerful.

You and your new rabbit body quickly make it back upstairs to the witch's room.

She laughs wickedly.

"Now you know. From now on, whenever you disobey, you'll turn into an animal, and have to come up here to get changed back. Each time, I will change something about your real self permanantly."

You're changed back into a human, but you feel different. You're about five inches shorter than you were!

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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