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Over the weight limit...

As you make your way across, you suddenly hear the sound of stressed metal, followed by a mighty 'CRACK', and feel the walkway under you buckle, dropping a good foot as you cling to the rail. It seems your weight is too much for the walkway, it's breaking under you! The metal has bent, causing it to fornm a V shaped dip. Heart ponding, you try to continue, working your way up the new incline.

The sound of stressed metal continues anew with each step, as you try to tred as softly as you can, trying to reach the other end before it gives way. Your only a couple of feet away when a second, more serious 'CRACK' sounds, and you feel the walkway start to rotate as the walkway breaks in half. With what little traction you have left, you leap towards the entryway, hoping for dear life that you make it as the platform disappears from beneath you, leaving you suspended in midair as you pray that you land safely...

Written by an anonymous author

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