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Big Boned Balancing Act

You don't have time to waste, you run, or waddle at least, to the stairway to the catwalk. The climb exhausts you as you work to lift your heavy leg up each of the metal steps. When you reach the top, you lift your stomach over the guardrail as you shimmy between them, letting it hang over as you begin making your way over the cookie vats.

You find it more difficult then you expected. You stomach is so large you can't see where the walkway is beneath your feet, so your having to blindly feel for your next step, and your feet are going numb in protest from the heavy load your forcing on them. Not to mention your stomach throws you off balance, threatening to pull you over the edge if you don't lean back to try and counter it, which threatens to topple you the other way as your fatty form wobbles with each step. You consider maybe you made the wrong choice in coming up here, but you can't go back, you can't see enough behind you to figure out how to retrace your step. and turning around completely would throw you over the sides and into the vats below it you didn't miss completely and hit the very solid ground.

You are forced to continue foward like a giant circus hippo on a tightwire act, praying that your able to make it to the other side...

Written by an anonymous author

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