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Close call

You fling your arm about, as if by doing so you can push yourself closer through the air. The moment seems to last for a lifetime, as you see the safety of solid ground mere inches in front of you. Then suddenly, everything seems to speed up as you feel your stomach colide with the edge, causing the top of your body to roll forward, aplaying you forward. Desperately, you grab at the railing before your weight drags you back, and for a moment your bottom half saggs off the edge before you forcefully pull yourself up, grunting like you were trying to pull a ton of flour up a cliff. Finally, you manage to get your center of gravity over the edge, and roll yourself to safty, panting heavily, your gut wobbling up and down like a tide with each breath. That was a close one.

Anyway, you don't have time to rest on your laurals, you still have to deal with Leo before he gets the bottle. You pull yourself unsteadily to your feet, making your way back down to grown level. The locker room is just ahead, and you bounce towards it as you hurry with all your capable speed, throwing open the door to find...

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