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Belly Bounce

You hover in the air, the moment stretched out with astounding clarity as you see the edge mere inches away. You stretch out your arms, watching as they come within reach of the ledge and over. 'I'm going to make it!' you think, as you fell your hands come in contact with the solid platform. Unfortunatly, the bigger half of you falls short. For a moment, you are pulled back, as the rest of you swings downward, dragging you by your generous weight back. You clammer for purchase, before your stomach collides with the side of the platform, and bounces back. you watch as the platform suddenly bounds away from you as your weight sends you flying off and plummeting down. You turn in the air, just in time to see the opening of one of the vats.

A second later, you hit the surface of it's content, plunging into it before your momentum is slowed bythe resistance, and you make your way back up for air, gasping for it while counting your lucky stars not to have missed and hit the concrete below. You look around, finally able to see what you've landed in. It's....

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