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Breaking and entering, magic style!

You're engulfed in darkness for several seconds, then you emerge from the mirror, in a completely different place. Everything's made out of wood and leather - there's planks and logs everywhere. Looking out the window reveals that you're in a forest, and it's currently nighttime. You wonder if there's anyone home? You head for the door, then remember the mirror. You walk back over to the full-sized mirror, and poke it experimentally, coming up against solid glass. Looks like there's no turning back.

You leave the room, and find yourself in what looks like a kitchen. Or a kitchen, combined with a living room, combined with a trophy room. The walls are lined with animal heads - wolves, deer, bears, and countless other creatures. This must be a hunter's shack... You spy a leather jacket lying on a chair, and take a look. It's faded from what is probably years of use, but it's still wearable, and you pull it on. You're not really sure why - doesn't this belong to someone?

Suddenly, a gruff voice sounds from the doorway. "What do ya think yer doin' in ma house?" You turn around to find...

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