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Oh, it's just Jack Bearmont, your friendly neighbourhood hunter-ghost!

The room's empty. You approach the doorway cautiously, and suddenly a chillingly cold breeze blows through the house.

"Who's there?" You call.

There's another gust of cold air, and the dust in the room billows... and forms the shape of a large man. Great, a ghost - as if your day couldn't get any worse. As the dust takes shape, you start to see more details - a plaid shirt, a beard, and, jarringly, a shotgun. "I'm Jack Bearmont, owner of this here cabin. What in the heck're ya doin' here?"

"Oh, I-" you stammer, "-I came through the mirror?"

'Jack' eyes you suspiciously, then throws back his head and laughs. "Ooh, boy, I have waited fer this for centuries, I tell ya - it's been ages since I last had a physical host."

"Uh, ph-physical host?"

"Well of course, how else would I get some actual stuff done around here? I need some sorta fy-si-cal man-if-fis-tation in order ta do some proper work!" Jack chuckles and shakes his head, like it's the most obvious thing the world. "Now how about ya go ahead and let me possess ya? Ya'll still have control of tha body, I'll just give ya hints on what ta do every now and then. And I'll change it ta suit the job a little better."

What do you do?

Written by an anonymous author

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