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Transformation Sequence: Happen

"Fine," you say, "go ahead. Just don't do anything stup--"

You're interrupted by a strong gust of air, and end up inhaling Jack's ghost by accident. You gag and cough, and suddenly Jack's voice rings through your head.

"Yer a bit young fer a hunter - I'll have ta fix that."

A searing pain through your body sends you to the ground, and your bones begin to creak and groan as they lengthen. Your clothes begin tearing over your growing body, which is building up large amounts of muscle as you grow bigger - you look like you work out at the gym almost every day. You grit your teeth and force yourself to your feet as the pain subsides, finding yourself much farther above the ground than usual.

"How old am I?" You gasp, in a voice much deeper than normal.

"Ooh, I'd say about 35, 40 maybe. Yer a real man, but ya need a lot more meat on ya bones if yer gonna survive these nights - I'll add some hair too, just in case."

Before you can protest, the pain returns in full force, and you double over, clutching your stomach. It suddenly swells outwards, bursting the banks of your pants and destroying your shirt entirely as it balloons into a humongous beer-gut. Your flat chest inflates as well and your pecs grow into a generous pair of jiggling moobs, resting heavily on your swollen gut, which is covered in a light fuzz of hair that you're pretty sure wasn't there before. Your arms balloon like sausages, destroying the sleeves of your shirt and swamping your muscles almost completely, and your legs follow suit. Your ass swells backwards, and the waistband of your underwear snaps under the pressure, leaving you naked - luckily your gut is so big, it covers your more private areas. Finally, your hairy chin inflates and doubles, and your thick beard engulfs your face in a sea of tangles and curls.

You straighten up with a surprising amount of difficulty, then slowly make your way to the bedroom, to take a look in the mirror. When you reach it, you groan at the sight of your new body - you're huge!

"Excellent." Jack says. "Absolutely superb. You'll be perfect for the job!"

"Aw, shut yer pie hole." You say. Wait, did you actually just say that?


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