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You turn to find a shotgun levelled with your eyes. Looking past the barrel reveals a large shirt, and other clothes worthy of a hunter - only there's no-one wearing them. They're just floating there...

The voice speaks again. "Answer tha question, dag nabbit! What're ya doin' in mah house?" You realise with a shock that it's coming from the clothes.

"Oh, I was just passing through. I'll be going now..."

You turn to leave, but the apparition pokes you in the back of the head with the shotgun. "Yer' not goin' anywhere, boy. I need ya for somethin'."

You don't turn around. "And that would be?..."

"This." The shotgun is pulled away from your head, and suddenly the clothes are forcing themselves onto you, sliding over your own clothes and holding you in place, like some sort of mannequin. Within seconds, you're completely immobile, and the outfit speaks again. "This'll do. Ya need ta be a whole lot bigger, tho..."

"Bigger? What do you me-- ARGH!"

You yell in pain as a searing sensation spreads through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It digs its way deep under your skin, and you writhe in pain as your bones begin to creak...

Written by an anonymous author

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