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Uncle Larry? Is that you?

You turn around to find a rather large, bearded man standing in the doorway. He's holding a shotgun, which is currently pointed at you. When he sees your face, his eyes widen and he levels the gun with your chest.

"Who the fuck r'you?" He asks.

"Oh, me? I'm just... A guy. Can you please stop pointing that gun at me?"

The hunter thinks for a few tense seconds, then lowers the gun and walks over to you. He inspects your face closely, and you can't help but take a closer look at his - under the hat and beard, there's something strangely familiar about the man's face, but you can't put your finger on it.

"Have I seen you before?" You ask nervously.

The hunter scratches his chin, then grins. "Well, if ya've looked in the mirror recently, then I guess so."


He chuckles and grabs a photo from the mantelpiece, and shows it to you. It's dusty, but you can recognise the person in the picture - it's you! Only you don't remember ever having this picture taken, and the photo isn't exactly accurate - you're pretty sure you've never sported a beard. Or a beer belly, for that matter. You look up from the picture at your companion, and realise why he looks so familiar - under the hair and the fat, he's you.

"Okay, what the fuck is going on here," you say, "is this a reality TV show or something? Are you gonna bust out the hidden cameras?"

"I was about to ask ya the same thing." The other you says. "How the heck did ya get here?"

You think for a bit. "I came through the mirror in the bedroom, I think."

The other you raises a bushy eyebrow, then walks through the door to the room. You follow him, just to see what he'll do. He steps in front of the mirror, then glances over at you questioningly.

"I think you're supposed to put your hand on it," you say, "but it probably won't work anyway."

He shrugs and tries it anyway, and to your and his surprise, it passes through entirely. He jerks backwards and pulls him arm out of the mirror hastily, and you rush over to put your own hand through the mirror...

...and come up against solid glass. You groan and try to force your way into the mirror, but nothing happens, and you sigh and drop your hands to your sides. There's a tap on your shoulder, and you turn to find your alternate self pushing his own hand into the mirror. He indicates for you to do the same, and you oblige, only to have your hands pressed against the cool surface of the mirror. But this time, something feels different...

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