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Hexes and You

As your eyes scroll down the page, one word catches your eye: "fat". You turn to the appropriate page, and take a look.

Curse of Fattening

This rarely used curse will cause the victim to gain weight. The amount they gain, and how quickly they gain it, depends on the circumstances...

You skip down to the section entitled 'cures'.

Depending on how the spell was cast, there are many different ways of reversing the curse. Traditional weight loss procedures are recommended, although a common practice is to recite the verse used in the spell, but in reverse. This can have unwanted side-effects, like most cures...

Wait, didn't the leprechaun chant some sort of spell before? You clearly remember seeing verses appear on a mirror...

You keep reading, just to see if there's anything else.

...Potions are also effective at changing the weight of the victim. Under no circumstances should an additional charm be cast to nullify the effects of the first. This should be common knowledge to all magic-users.

Hmm. Maybe you should show Agatha what you've discovered...

Written by Pyronator

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