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Secret passage.

"Agatha, I think I may have found something." you say, turning the book towards the ghostly form of Agatha as she floats down to see what you proffer. She studies the book with some scrutiny, "Well, it's a start at least. As before, fae magic doesn't always follow the rules or a particular curse, but we can start eliminating possibilities with this." She closes the book and tucks it under her arm. the rest of the books fly off and settle themselves into a neat little pile, ready to be searched through once more should the two of you need it.

"Come with me," says Agatha, floating off in another direction, and you hurry to catch up before she can disappear through another shelf or something. Your stomach growls again, but you try to ignore it, and the sweat rolling down your face trying to keep up. "Do you think you can slow down?" you ask, feeling like your trying to run a marathon, "The first advise the book gave was simple exercise," says Agatha, "Think of it as if your starting that now." She continues floating at the same pace, arriving at the back wall of the library where a empty fireplace sits with two chairs in front of it. You are quick to plop down into one, panting as your bulk settles on top of you.

Agatha floats to the mantle and pulls one of the candle sticks, and there is an audible click, and the entire section of the floor and wall suddenly spins around, and you find yourself no longer in the library, but at the base of a set of spiral stairs. "Where are we?" you ask, straining to pull yourself up out of your chair, and a bit miffed that that is all the rest you were apparently able to get. "My workshop" she says, floating up the stairs, "I kept it hidden back here so my sister couldn't meddle with my things." You walk over and look up, seeing the staircase extend far up into darkness. "Come along," she orders, "We haven't got all day." Sighing, you start up the steps, huffing and puffing as you try to force your heavy form to cooperate with you. You hope this will be worth it, you don't think you'll be able to run up and down these stairs all night.

Written by Spots

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