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You put the book down and tell Agatha what you've discovered. Or at least, you tell the chair she was sitting in. There's no sign of the ghostly witch.

Maybe she went to get more books... you think to yourself. Nonetheless, you call her name. Your shouts don't seem to get that far, however - it's like they're muffled or something. No matter how loud you yell, she probably won't hear you. You consider looking for her, but quickly turn the thought down when you remember how big the library is. You'd be lost for days. You check your watch. You still have 13 hours until the report is due...

You decide to take a look at Agatha's book while you wait. It's currently open to a page entitled "Fundaments of a curse", with a list of materials and procedures. Hmm. Wasn't she supposed to be searching for cures?

Written by Pyronator

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