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Trivial trivia

What you read seems very common sense from typicical folklore and movies that involve Leprechauns. You did manage to find the pot of gold, but it seems odd that the leprechaun would use it as bait if it was supposed to be protecting it. Maybe the book isn't accurate. You flip back a few chapters to see if there is anything more useful.

'Fae, like all creatures require sustinance to survive, but as creatures of magic, their diet is quite different from conventional faire. While creatures of immense power, the irony is that they are completely dependent on humans for their survival. Fae feed on aspects of humans in order to sustain their bodies in an immortal existance. What aspect this is depends both on the type of fae, and the personal tastes of the fae in question....'

While interesting, it doesn't seem to really help you all that much. It's then that something clicks in your head. When you found the Leprechaun, it was little more then a skeleton. If it needed to feed, then it's actions towards you would be to draw out something it needed from you, which would explain why it used it's gold as bait. But what was it trying to get from you? You don't really know, and anyway it won't really help you now.

You place to book down and pick up the next 'Hexes and You'. You flip to the table of content, and see lists of what you assume are types of curses. Boils, bad luck, baldness, the typical list of misfortunes one would expect to get revenge on someone. As you browse down the list, you spot one that may relate to your situation...

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