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Hallways and cobwebs and books, oh my!

"Follow me." Agatha tells you, then she walks through the wall and into the corridor. You squeeze through the doorway, then hurry to catch up to your surprisingly fast spirit guide. She leads you down the hallway and through several (thankfully large) doorways, and you soon find yourselves in the expansive library. The dimly lit room seems to stretch on for a while in all directions, and you take a mental note to stick with the witch. Don't want to get lost in a place like this...

Agatha treads her way through the aisles of the library, muttering under her breath and pulling books off the shelves. Every now and then you catch things like "hmm, this could be useful" or "don't need that" as she looks at the book covers. The ones she keeps Agatha hands to you, and the quickly growing pile of books slows you down a great deal.

"Do we really need these many books?" you ask the witch.

"Hey, we don't know how many of these'll work." She tells you. "It's good to have variety. And speaking of variety..." Agatha grabs a thick book and dumps it on the pile, then carries on.

Agatha finally leads you to a table in the centre of the room after what seems like hours. The stack of books is now preposterously huge, and you're struggling to keep them in place. Not to mention the heavy tomes make it harder for you to move around; and you already had trouble without them. You dump the books onto the table, then plonk into one of the adjacent chairs, exhausted. The ghostly witch grabs a book and begins skimming through the pages, then reaches the end of it and grabs another. She continues like this for several minutes, but after reading at least 10 of the books, she doesn't seem to have found anything.

You groan and grab a book yourself, entitled "Faes and Other Magical Folk". It seems to be an encyclopaedia of some kind. You flip it open to the entry on Leprechauns, and read the article.

Leprechauns, like other Faes, are beings of magic. These tricksters originate from Ireland, although they have since migrated all over the earth. If a human should capture a leprechaun, then they will be granted three wishes, much like a genie (pg 57). Unlike genies however, a leprechaun will always twist wishes in such a way that the user will experience misfortune. Gold can be used to bribe a leprechaun, who will do anything to protect his own pot of gold...

Written by Pyronator

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