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Is this a magic lesson or a cooking lesson?

You explain to Agitha how you came to your current situation. When you get to the part about how your found the Leprachaun, she interrupts you, "Oh dear, you let him out? I thought I had seen the last of him." She says, her face a bit worried now. "Wait, you put him in there? Couldn't you have left a warning or something?"

"I did, the warning was written on the box in clear Gaelic , 'Do not open, evil resides within'". She says, a little annoyed with your accusation. "I can't read Gaelic, why Gaelic?" you say in your defense. "It was the language everyone was using at the time. I guess it would become a bit dated after a few thousand years. Anyway, continue."

You go over the wishes that the leprachaun granted you, the curse he put on you, the contest to find the pot of Gold, up to your current situation with your boss. "And so, I have until tommorrow to figure something out before my boss finds out. I thought that by coming back, I could find some magic that would change me back. But this is great, you can just use your magic to change me back!" You say, suddenly hopeful, after all, who better to undo a spell the a godd witch.

Agitha seems deep in thought, "Well, magic is not THAT simple." She says, "Especially when a fae creature is involved. Mortals can tap into magic through study, practice, rituals and knowledge, but fae ARE magic in it's rawest form. It's like cooking, for me to make a dish, I need certain ingrediant, cooking times, I need to blend the materials correctly and put it in the conditions that lead to the dish I prepare, and even then, something could happen that changes it, it could burn, it may not have enough of one ingrediant, or it may just be bad to begin with. Fae, they are... say you had a machine that automatically sorts measures out every ingrediant, heat to the perfect temperature and create the same dish perfectly every time. Fae don't need to worry about ritual, they just do what they do and the magic works around them rather them them working around the magic."

"So what? You can't help me?" You say dejectedly. "No, no, no, I didn't say that, it is just... more difficult. If I were undoing a spell my sister had cast, I could work with that to develop the proper counter spell, but with fae, there is not particular spell to follow." She says.

"Wait, so you can help me or you can't?" You ask, completely confused. "We'd have to take a look at the magic he used on you and see what we can do." She explains, "And we can't do that here, never mix where you cook with where you craft, we need to go to..."

Written by Spots

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