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Agatha the cook

You relax a little bit. "Really?" you say, "I didn't know Bathory had a sister."

"Ah, well the history books like the juicy stuff. Who cares about the Agatha the cook when you have the Bathory the sorceress, am I right?" The ghost chuckles slightly, then hands you the ladle again. "Then again," she remarks, "we're both witches anyway!"

You spit out the stew.

"What?" She asks. "Too much salt?"

"No," you say, "It's just... The other magic I've encountered in this place hasn't been very... Benevolent." You gesture to your gut and grin sadly. "I'm just not very trustful of magic currently."

Agatha laughs. "If you're looking for the bad spells, then go see my sister. Anything I make is good. No tricks here!" She chucks some more herbs into the cauldron, and hands you a bowl of the stuff. "What brings you to the castle, anyway?"


Written by Pyronator

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