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Body Swap...

Around an hour later, Rufus finishes off his 'speech' to the archaeological team - which was basically about how worthless you and Peter are - and dismisses everyone to their rooms. You are lugged to yours, and are dumped on the bed. Peter is bought in after you, and after several failed attempts to get him onto the top bunk, he is left on the floor.

You consider your predicament. "I'm too fat to move, while Rufus struts around like a peacock, acting like he knows everything." You think to yourself. You decide to get revenge on Rufus. But how? Then the answer hits you. "How couldn't I have thought of this before?" you exclaim.

"Hey Leprechaun!" you call. The evil little pixie appears before you, his mischevious grin plastered across his face.

"How may I help, laddie?" he chants.

"I wish that me and Rufus switched bodies." you say.

The leprechaun seems slightly taken aback; obviously he didn't think you were smart enough to come up with such a good solution to your dilemma. But, he pastes his Cheshire smile across his face again, and bows formally. "An excellent choice, m'boy." he says. Then he snaps his fingers, and dissapears.

Everything dissolves into a blur of motion and colour, and you feel yourself become weightless, hovering above the pink blob that is your body. Then your world is ripped into shreds as you are whipped away from your body; your spirit is thrown along a stream of pure light, and comes to rest above another pink object. As everything begins to settle, you start to feel solid again. The room comes into focus, and you are back in the realm of the living.

You look around. No Peter. No bunk beds. You look down at yourself, and sigh in relief. No gut. It seems like the leprechaun actually pulled through. You're in Rufus' body. You grin, and check the time. 10:59. You hop into the bed, and fall asleep within minutes.

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