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You wake early, and summon the leprechaun. He appears on the bed, yawning.

"Ye be wanting the wishes already?" he grumbles.

"That's right."

The leprechaun mutters something obscene under his breath. "What d'ye want to wish for now?" he asks. "More revenge on Rufus and Peter?"

You laugh. "As if I'd let you trick me again! You'd probably make me ten times fatter than either of them."

The leprechaun protests. "No I woul-"

"Yes you would!" you yell at him. You attempt to collect your thoughts, then continue. "I wish that someone else had the top job in this team, not me."

"But the top job is the most important!" cries the leprechaun.

"That's why I don't want it!" you say. "If you have the top job, then you don't get to go out there and actually DO stuff. And the top guy is almost always an a**hole. Remember what Rufus was like before we switched bodies?"

The leprechaun nods. "Good point." He snaps his fingers, and disappears.

You wait, and nothing happens. You're about to call the leprechaun back, when the door to your room swings open, and in walks...

You. Wait, no - Rufus, in your old body. He sees you standing in the centre of the room #I mean, seriously, who wouldn't#, and stops. "What are you doing in here, brat?" he yells. "Get out! This room is for the team leader."

"Sorry," you say, "my mistake. I'll be leaving now." You squeeze past his large frame into the hallway. "Wait..." you turn back to Rufus. "Where's my room?"

He chuckles. "You really are an idiot, aren't you? Six doors down, on the left. You're bunking with Peter."

"Peter?" you ask.

"Yeah, Peter." Rufus replies. He surveys you closely. "Are you okay? You're acting really strange."

"Oh no, please, I'm fine. I'll get back to my room. Thanks." You walk down to your old room, and open the door. It hasn't changed much since you left.

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