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Revenge and understanding

You wake, finding yourself flat out on the floor. Turning your head, you see Peter a few metres away. He's still unconcious.

You sit up- Or at least you try to. An unimaginably heavy weight seems to be holding you down. You look at yourself, and have to suppress a scream. Your stomach has grown and is now resting on your legs. It's so big that the sides of it are resting on the ground. You call for the leprechaun.

"What can i help ya with laddie?" he asks a he appears in front of you.

You plead with him. "I know that you said that I can't go back on forever wishes, but please, can you return me to my original weight?"

"I'm sorry lad, but as ye said yourself, ye wished to be like Mr Peter over here. i can't help you." The leprechaun seems sorry, but you know better.

"I can force you to grant my wish!" you yell as you reach for him- but like before, you find that you are too fat to move. you can only move your arms a few inches left and right, and you can't even lift them. You're completely helpless.

Then things get worse. You hear the footsteps of a big crowd- it sounds like the entire archaeology team is coming towards the kitchen.

"Leprechaun! Make me and Peter invisible, NOW!" you whisper to the leprechaun.

"I am extremely sorry laddie, but you two are both too fat for me to cast spells on." You can tell he's lying.

"Just wait till I get my hands on you..." you say as he disappears in a shimmer of green dust. Now all you can do is wait for the inevitable. the footsteps get louder, and you can hear Rufus' voice. "Great. Just the person I DON'T want to see me like this." Rufus walks into the kitchen, then stops dead in his tracks. Behind him, you can see the rest of the archaeology group. There is complete silence, then Rufus' face splits into a huge grin.

"Well, well," he says as he walks up to you. "What have you two fat truckloads of lard been up to?" He grins wickedly, then turns to the rest of the team. "I'm guessing you all know who these two are?" He asks them.

*To be continued*


Written by an anonymous author

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