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You finally make it back to your room, and heave your bulk down onto the bed. It creaks and strains, but stays up, miraculously. As you're laying there, thinking about what a horrible assignment this is turning out to be, Rufus walks into the room, followed by the lumbering Peter, who sits down on a chair that immediately collapses under his weight, huffing and puffing.

Rufus proceeds to berate the two of you. "You two are a disgrace-look at you, you can't even walk three yards without having to stop and rest. Why don't you fat pigs stay here while we go explore the castle. You'd only slow us down, anyways." He turned on his heel and marched out.

You heave your six-hundred-and-thirty pound body out of the bed, your legs screaming in protest. You motion to Peter to get up, but he's to busy with regaining his lost breath to notice. You sigh, and squeeze through the doorway of your room. Moments later, Peter follows you.

You turn around to talk to him. "Well, If we're stuck here," you say "we might as well see what's what." Of course, by no coincidence, the first stop on your tour is the kitchen. You and peter, at the sight of food, lose control of your bodies and begin to eat everything in sight. When you finally regain conciousness...

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