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It never ends!

you get to the kitchen, and are barely able to fit through the door. Puffing and weezing, you scan the room. You see Peter, his fat ass almost overflowing two chairs, shoveling food into his mouth like it was going to dissapear any minute.

Then, you see the food. You feel something strange, it feels like you're losing control of your thoughts. Your last thought before your conciousness is absorbed is "oh, crap. The gluttony spell must have spread to me, too!" After that, all you can think about is the delicious food on the table. Your huge belly rumbles. Why, you're practically starving! You pull up two chairs next to Peter, and grab a handful of doughnuts. You shove them into your mouth, and reach for more, at the same time using your other hand to drag a giant plater of sausage across the table to yourself. Between mouthfulls of doughnut and sausage, you manage to cram in massive amounts of every other food at the table; Biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, everything near you dissappears into your gaping maw. You hear people nearby making sneering comments about the "two little pigs," but you don't care. All you care about right now is stuffing your fat face.

Your conciousness returns about half an hour later. You feel even more bloated then before. Looking down, you discover why- you've easily gained over 100 pounds! Your shirt has been pushed up even further, so that almost a foot and a half of your belly is showing. Speaking of your belly, it has become a massive mound of fat that jiggles and quivers with every movement you make. You stand up, your 600+ pound weight sending firey daggers of pain through your feet. You find that taking more then a few steps causes you to sweat bullets. Rufus, the leader of the archological team yells at you and Peter; "hey lardbuckets, get moving. We've gotta survey the castle. We're leaving in an hour." You sigh, and begin walking back to your room, every step setting you aquiver. When you finally get to your room...

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