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Sweet karma

When you finally regain consciousness, Rufus re-enters the kitchen. "Damn co-workers left without me," he complains, then turns to you. You both glance at each other for what seems like forever. Just then, suddenly, the two chairs on which you were sitting break and you find yourself laying flat on the floor, unable to get up. Rufus starts to laugh uncontrolably. Feeling rage come over you, you only half whisper a wish," I wish Rufus would also be like Peter." Just then, as Rufus is caught up in his laughter, he body enlarges and grows until pants and shirt completely rip off, leaving Rufus` massive seven hundred pound fingure covered only by a small pair of unimaginably tight black boxers. Completely lost in his thoughts, he grabs a trio of chairs, as you do, and joins in on the feeding frenzy.

Written by Amarilloroio

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