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Revenge on Rufus: Part 1

You wake up, and stretch. Boy, it feels good to be thin. You get dressed, and check the schedule. Since you're the leader now, your duties consist of things like:

-Wake up team (6:30am#

-Yell at Peter and reporter guy. #All day#

-Organize expedition. #12:00pm)

You check the time. 6:25. You may as well wake them up. You grab a whistle from a cabinet, and walk down the hall, banging on doors and blowing as hard as possible. When you reach Peter's room, you quieten down and sneak up on Rufus. He looks so peaceful; like a huge, overweight pig. You clap your hands, and yell at him to get up out of bed. He sits up groggily, and stares at you in confusion.

"Aren't you..." he begins, then stops as he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Moving like a dreamwalker, he waddles towards the frame. "What the hell?" he says. He looks from you to his reflection several times, then collapses in a dead faint. Mission completed. You get some of your team to help you carry Rufus and Peter to the mess hall. As soon as you place Peter in his chair (re-inforced with metal plates) he begins to cram all nearby food into his mouth. Once Rufus comes around, he too succums to the gluttony curse. You watch as his gut steadily grows larger, and nod in satisfaction. But you still have more in store for him...

Written by an anonymous author

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