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Getting to know you

About a week passes as you and 'Drake' get to know each other. Apparently Drake was born a dragon. When this didn't make sense to you, you inquired. "It's not really that surprising", he says. "You said you transformed after finding dragon bones, right?" You nod. "It looks like I died in your world, and you just happened to get possessed by my spirit when you came across my remains", he says. Drake lives in the castle you used to live in in your world, and you and he enjoy the week of getting into dragon habits. Unfortunately for you, you cannot seem to do anything about your weight. You train secretly at night, trying to lose the weight, but can only seem to get sore muscles, and still your weight neither rises nor falls. You haven't been able to lift off since you arrived. Drake hasn't asked about your appearance, which seems strange because he's asked you about almost everything else.

At the end of the week, you finally ask about it while eating the left-over parts of a deer. "Drake, how do dragons lose weight?" Drake looks at you funny. "What do you mean?" he asks. "How do dragons lose weight... er, slim down?" He still looks unsure of what you mean. You start to get annoyed. "What exactly do you mean?", he says, speaking slowly. "LOOK AT ME", you shout, "I'M A BLIMP!"

"What's a blimp?" he asks. You've gone into one of the areas Drake is unfamiliar with; it seems that Drake has no experiance with technology. You sigh. "I was not like this when I first became a dragon." "Like what?", he asks innocently. "Round, bloated, fat, soft... any of this getting through?" "So, what you're saying is, you weren't that cuddly to begin with?" "Yes... wha?", you wonder, a little confused by his reference to you as cuddly. "I mean I looked like you", you quickly say. "Ohhhhh", says Drake in realization. "I don't know about that. Never seen a Dragon like you before. I assumed all dragons were like that in your world, since here they all look the same as me. You know... slim and stuff." You rub your head with your talons. "Maybe I should explain it in more detail", you say, and go over how you became fat.

"Well...", says Drake after you conclude your story, "It seems you became how you are through an unnatural means. Probably this 'uber mass' did it because of its properties in your world. Here we don't have anything like that, so none of use are like you." "So what do I do to fix myself?", you ask. "No idea, but I think the answer lies in your world. I mean, there was something there that did this to you, so maybe there's something that can reverse it." You think for a time. Going back to your own world will mean risking it with the police again. But then again, being a dragon was no fun when you were too fat to fly...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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