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Staying fat, staying safe.

If going back means facing the cops, then you're not going back there!

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to stay this way...", you sigh. Drake smiles (that looks really scary on a dragon, you realize) "Now I have a cuddly friend!" He exclaims, as he hugs you. Your fat squishes out and envelops his forelimbs where they squeeze against you.

"Would you stop that!!!" you exclaim, annoyed.

Drake pulls away. "That was fun!!" He exlaims happily. You roll your eyes. Could he get anymore mor immature? But then you realize that felt... good! To have your fat squished like that.

"Weird", you mutter. You spend a couple of minutes thinking... if fat feels good to dragons... then why don't you get Drake into the same shape as you? Then he can't fly, and he can spend his days being "cuddly"!

Written by Zeroth (edited by wanderer)

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