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Drake Gets All "Cuddly"!

While Drake is busy sleeping you sneak back into your world to steal some Ubber-mass.

As you come through the portal you nervously look around, hoping the cops aren't still around. You don't see the cops, so you head to the convenience store. You once again find that the lock is not on properly and snap it off. You enter the store and see that it is completly restocked... and now has even more of the Uber-Mass tanks (thirteen to be exact), so you grab them all, after you eat every scrap of meat in the store.

You enter Drake's world and head back to his castle so you can give him the tanks.

When you reach the castle, Drake Has set up a feast with wine and plenty of meat for you and him. You and he begin to feast, and you notice that the wine tastes especially good. "Why doh dish tasth soh goodh?" you ask him after your fiftieth keg. "Causeh whe'reh Dragonhs, theh besth ofh allh creaturesh!", he exclaims.

You and he finish all the wine and food, and you, still woozy from the drink, show him the tanks of Uber-Mass. "Coolh", he slurs. "Moreh drinkhs!" He hands you two tanks "Haveh someh!"

You and he drain all of the Uber-mass tanks and immediately fall into a deep slumber.

Written by Zeroth (edited by wanderer)

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