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Maybe you overdid it just a tad . . .

As you wake, you are aware of two things. Fisrt off, you realise that dragons thankfully don't get hangovers. The second is a feeling of all-encompassing warmth.

Reveling in the feeling, you feel about, trying to locate the source. Almost immediately, you come into contact with something soft. You push into it, and feel your weight shift about, feeling your talons pushed out as it rebounds. You open your eyes, suddenly realizing that that felt like A LOT of weight. At first, everything seems normal, the castle looks the same as it ever did... except for the milk that covers the floor... oh, my...

You realize that the milk is you. You are lying on your back against the wall, and your stomach blocks much of the view of the floor. You push once more into your side, and are rewarded with a fresh tingle as it again travels through your body. You heave yourself upward, finding it much more difficult than you remember. Your belly seems to distort as gravity pulls it to one side like a tipped jello mould. You soon find yourself hauled over onto the pillow of your stomach, and to your dismay, find it quite impossible to walk on all fours, as your belly drags heavily, causing you to falter. With this discovered, you push yourself upright, suddenly banging your horns on the low ceiling of the castle. Rubbing your head, you realize that if you're to stand, you're going to have to do it outside.

Slowly, you drag your lard-laden body through the ruined wall, finally ending up in the courtyard. You push yourself up once more, and feel your body sag downward and settle. Any walking I do is going to have to be upright from now on, you think, squeezing the bloated sack attached to your front. Suddenly you wonder... where is Drake?

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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