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How to control the fat...

You decide to forget about Drake for now. You have more important things to do than look for him right now; like trying to control this overflowing stomach of yours.

You head fo the sewing room of the castle and proceed to look through the room for any material. You find some elastic fabric, some kind of jersey knit, that looks promising. You take it and manage to make a full dragon jumpsuit. It looks perfect, except for the fact that it's a little, er, snug. At least it controls the stomach... sorta...

You begin to move out to the entrance, belly sloshing. You walk out into the courtyard and see Drake standing there, hiding something behind his flab, which he hasn't even tried to get under control.

You run over to him and trip over his stomach, landing on top of him.

You hear his voice, and he turns you over and pours stuff into your mouth. He keeps pouring for quite a while, about half an hour. He stops and you fall into a deep slumber.

Written by Fat Dragon (edited by wanderer)

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