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After much consideration, you decide to risk going back to your world. If you can find a drugstore, or perhaps a sports store or something, you can probably find something to get the extra weight off. You relay your plans to Drake. "Ohhh, if you're going, I'm coming too." he says energetically. "I've never been to another reality before." You find this surprising, as he seems to know a lot about traveling to them. The two of you gather together a few sacks and ropes, and fashion a few dragon-sized shoulder bags. You figure, there may be a lot of different things that may work, and you might need a lot of it.

Somewhere along nightfall, the two of you walk out into the plains where the dimensional distortion lies, invisible to most eyes. "After you," says Drake. You walk up to the hole, and pray that no one is in the area on the other side. Cautiously, you stick your talon into the hole once more...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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