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Night raid, dragon style

You flop down into a thankfully empty street. Fortunately, the time in the worlds is syncronous, so it is night here the same time as it is there. You look around, trying to recall any sights that may lead you to a drug store...

...and are suddenly squished by a dragon dropping out of nowhere to land on top of you. As you lay on the ground, dazed, as a not so dazed Drake walks around you. "Thanks for breaking my fall, nice soft landing that." You mutter menacingly under your breath.

The two of you move quietly around the city, ducking into alleyways whenever a casual car or truck passes. You find many different stores and shops. The first one you find, you discover that Drake will have to do the picking out. In the week you spent in (very) wide open spaces, you'd forgotten just how large you are now in comparison to the doorways. Drake, while still large, is a good deal slimmer and can just about squeeze through the doorways, which easily open to draconic talons. "Get anything that seems like it would help to lose weight, um..." You search for the name of a brand of weight loss pills that may work, but find this harder than expected. "Just get the lot", you finally say.

After a short while, Drake emerges from the store, the sacks bulging with a couple of thousand brands of pills and powders. The two of you continue on like this until finally, as the sun starts to rise, you quickly head back to the distortion and jump through, barely avoiding being seen by a bus of nuns.

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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