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Big surprise

As the day wears on, you remain in the castle, afraid to enter the village in this state. Instead, you use this opportunity to explore the parts of the castle that you hadn't yet. Grabbing a torch, you start by heading down as far as you can. You almost regret doing this. Without your fur, it is a lot colder then your used to, but you soon start to ignore it. As you enter a long corridor, you feel a sharp draft. iInvestigating, you find that there is a large hole in the side of the wall. It is a small hole, but you could easily crawl through.

Inside, you see where the draft is coming from... a large hole in the roof of a huge cavern. The air smells musty, despite the draft, an a dusty odor emanates from the floor. You wonder how dust could settle in a place like this, but then examine the floor. What you see is astounding. On the floor is a long and huge white stone, or, upon closer inspection, a bone. You quickly start examining and searching out the rest of the bones that were once attached to it. At first, you think it is a dinosaur skeleton, and at first that's exactly what it looks like... until you reach its back. What it appears to be is another set of arms. This thing was a six-limbed reptile, and only one creature springs to mind. A dragon. Still in astonishment, your reach to scrach an itch, and are greeted with a sharp stinging sensation. You examine your paw, or talon as it could now be called. Your nails have become razor sharp. As you examine further, you find your arm is covered in thick green scales...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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