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Triple header

You suddenly start growing, feeling your body stretching and contorting as scales spread across your body. your arms and legs crack as they reform themselves, claws extending, toes cracking. This is not a pleasant process, in fact it's extremely painful and you pass out long before you see what you are becoming.


"Hey... Hey... are you okay?" comes a voice. You raise your head, feeling like you've had one to many, your head aching. "Oh good, your up," says the voice. "Yeah, we should find something to eat, I'm starving," comes another voice. "Or better yet, I was thinking that library looked like a good find," says the first. You try to rub your eyes, but strangely find nothing responding. You open your eyes, things seem a little hazey, but as they come into focus and you look down, you see a scaly belly. Your feet and tail look lizard like, no dragon like, but as you try to look at your hands, they don't respond. You lift a foot, and it does so with ease, the same with your tail, but your arms get no response. You look to your sides and are surprised to see your arms are there, however, what you also see is a draconic head on either side of you. You cry out in shock. "No need to scream," says the head on your right, "We're just as shocked as you are," it says raising your arm as it gestures to itself, the heads expression looks kind and expressive, and it's tone more gentlemanly and well spoken. "I'm hungry," says the head on your left, and you look at it. This head look... more feral, it looks about, then turns a rock over. "Oh... pretty," it says, finding the bottom of the rock polished with layers of contrasting layers.

"What's going on?" you ask, not sure what to make of it, it looks like you are a three headed dragon. "That's what I was wondering, I was looking through the cave when suddenly I fell asleep and woke up like this." he says. You look to the other side, "And you?" you ask, but the other head doesn't look like he's listening, examining the rock. "Hey," you say, and it suddenly hides the rock, as if to keep it from you. "How did you get here?" you say, slowly. The other head looks at you, then looks around, as if in thought. "Found a rock." he says, "My rock, pretty." it says. Apparently you won't be getting many answers from him.

"I don't mean to be a bother, but I would like to get back to the library, I'm sure I saw a first edition of Hamlet in there and would love to get a closer look." It says. "Will you focus for a sec," you say, confused at the situation. "Where did you come from, I was here alone." you say. "You've got me, I had just been exploring the castle after my fur fell out. Though now that I think about it, it's strange I would do that when an obvious gem of a book is waiting in the library."

"Wait, that's what happened to me." you say, "What about..." you look at the other head, which is licking the rock. "Never mind," you say. You think on this, an identical memory, but different personality. You think you've heard something about this. You try to get up, but find your arms still not responding. "Oh, are we getting up then?" says the head, and begins pushing up with your arm, as you use your legs. with some coordination you get up. The other head doesn't seem to notice much. "I'm hungry," is about all it says.

You head up out of the cave, finding you've grown a few inches. Luckily you still fit through the doors, though now you have to get three heads through without banging one. And the left head doesn't seem to be paying much attention. You get to the library and begin looking for the psychology book you know you glanced here. "Oh look, A Tale of two Cities," says the right head, reaching for it. "Can we focus, you say, "Open that one".

"You don't have to be rude, a please would be nice." Says the head. "Ok, please can you open that book." You say, "Thank you," says the head, and opens the book. You scan the pages until you see what you were looking for. The Id, ego, and superego. The Id is instinct driven, while the super-ego is the conscience or driven by cultural ideals and goals, while the ego mediates between them. You come to the conclusion that your heads aren't just people who have become mashed in here with you, this is you... or rather, the different parts of you, your instincts, and your... more cultured self.

"I'm hungry, want some food!" says the left head, snatching the book and throwing it away. "Get some food!" it growls at you. "No need to be so rough," says the right head, "I'm sure we can wait a little longer while we read a little." You are literally stuck in the middle of the opposite ends of your own personality. What are you going to do?

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