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New Names

With the left head, your left head, growling in your face, it's hard not to be intimidated, it is literally face to face with you and you don't have a hand to push it away with, and with dragon teethe and horns your not used to, it is like looking into the face of a monster. "Fine, let's get some food," you say, stepping to move, "Oh, just one moment," says the other head, and you notice the book in your hand, "I just want to read a few chapters."

"Just take it with us," you say. "But... is that okay, I would hate for use to disorganize the library."

"Yes, I'm sure, we'll call it a check out." you say. The right head seems to accept this, and is intently reading as you walk towards the kitchen, your left head grumbling all the way. When you get there, your left head sniffs and looks about. "There," it says, pointing at a door. You move over and your left hand flings the door open to a locker of smoked meats. Your left head licks it's lips, and grabs a pork leg, greedily biting into it. Seemingly pacified for now, you turn to the other head. "Well, apparently we are all the same person," you say, "Just different parts," you say. "Oh, you mean like Sigmund Frauds theories on psychoanalysis, yes I suspected as much." says the head, putting his book down for a moment. "Though that does complicate what we can call each other, it doesn't feel right just calling you me or head." He snaps his fingers, "I know, I will be Cornelius," he says, "You can be our own name since you are the ego, so what should we call him?"

You look at the head current reducing a second ham leg to bones. "Ed," you both say in unison.

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